Why Us

  • The ICC is dedicated to addressing those research fields that, directly or indirectly, enlighten the different aspects of the nature of the consciousness, free from the many reductionist biases that are still present in the predominant scientific view.
  • The Congress will bring together both scholars and lay people with a shared interest in the continuous refining of a more advanced scientific approach that acknowledges the existence of non-physical realities and is appropriate for the exploration – in subjective, inter-subjective and objective modalities – of the multidimensional aspects of consciousness.
  • Speakers, researchers, and participants with a multidisciplinary background will attend from numerous countries, each enriching the proceedings and debates during the event.
  • The event will allow participants, with a multidisciplinary background, the opportunity to network with fellow researchers from different organizations, countries, approaches, and specialties.
  • The lectures will present multidimensional views on paranormal phenomena and consciousness research.