Keynote Speakers

Wagner Alegretti

Bioenergy Detection

Jeffery A. Martin

Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience

Federico Faggin

The Fundamental Nature of Reality

Stuart Kauffman

Theoretical biology and Complex Systems

Pim van Lommel

Near-death Experience and Non-local Consciousness

Harry Jabs

Subtle Energy Detection and Measurement

Katherine Peil

Emotional Sentience: The Nature of Consciousness

Beverly Rubik

Biofield, Health and Healing

Jim Tucker

Children’s Reports of Past-Life Memories

Nanci Trivellato

Psi Experiences and Perception in Children


Reinerio (Rey) Hernandez

Contact with Non-Human Intelligence and the Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness: Toward an Integration of the Contact Modalities

Carlos Bernal

In Search of the Psychosoma

Bill Meacham

How to Talk About Subjectivity (Don’t Say “Consciousness”)

Riccardo Manzotti

A Mind-Object Identity Theory

Harris Friedman

Self-Expansiveness for Exploring the Outer Boundaries of Consciousness

Simeon Hein

Implications of Many Worlds Theory for Our Idea of Human Personality Structure and Disorders

Viktória G. Duda

Therapeutic and Evolutionary Implications of Retrocognitions

Kenny Arnette, Robert Mays, Suzanne Mays

On the Locality of Consciousness

David Collura

Whose Truth Is It Anyway? Social and Philosophical Perspectives on Scientific Disagreement

Luis Minero

A Study on the Benefits of OBE Development and Practice

George Williams

Quantum Mechanics, Wholism, and Psi

Poster Presenters

Ashley Melidosian

Factors that Contribute Towards Fulfillment of a Multidimensional Life Purpose

Nick Kartvelishvili

VELO: Tips on Improving Teaching Instructions

Nelson Abreu & Joel Tortolero

The Inter-dimensional Link Between Physical and Non-physical Consciousness

Nelson Abreu

Punctuated Progressive Procedure: a method for more frequent out-of-body experiences

Hooshmand M. Kalayeh

Quantitative Analysis of Consciousness

Archit Goel

Understanding Consciousness via Modern Physics and Ancient Texts

Analaura Trivellato

Human Synchronicity: an Experiment Proposal

Thomas D. Abraham

A Spiral Model of Evolution: The Complexification of Matter and Rarefaction of Expression