Post-event Workshops

Conscious Leadership Workshop

Monday, May 22 from 4:00 PM – 8:20 PM

This theory and practice workshop is led by one of Europe’s leading authors on spirituality in organizations, Paulo Vieira de Castro, and one of the world’s foremost authorities on consciousness and the biofield, Wagner Alegretti.

Explore the consciousness-level origins of authentic, empathic leadership and the practical application of energy and rapport to promote family, community and organizational well-being.This experiential course is part of I-ACT’s Certificate in Organizational Well-Being: Conscious Leadership.

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Projective Field

Participate in a Large Scale Out-of-Body Experiment

Tuesday, May 23 – Thursday, May 25
Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel

The IAC will be conducting eight experiments aimed at collecting evidence of the Out-of-Body Experience as an objective phenomenon.

This workshop directly follows IAC’s 2nd ICC (International Congress on Consciousness) and for convenience, takes place in a nearby venue.

The IAC aims to increase public awareness of research on parapsychic phenomena and also to help participants to develop their skills in this area.

Based on IAC’s framework, anybody can learn to leave the body with lucidity, although some individuals are more adept at this from a young age. Additionally, certain universal factors and conditions ranging from physical to psychological and energetic play a role in a person’s projective aptitude.

Prerequisites: NONE – open to everyone.

Features of the Projective Field Workshop

  • 3 Intensive Days
  • 8 practical sessions with bioenergetic and projective techniques
  • Special classes teaching techniques to have conscious projections, explaining the details of its development
  • Use of random images displayed on a computer screen in a locked up room. This may help confirm the authenticity of your experience
  • Participants’ Experiential Analysis, with technical explanations and tips to enhance their projective experiences
  • Presentation of movie on the subject of the “Out of Body Experience”, bioenergies and the paranormal phenomena, for further discussion

The workshop is based on an energetic field that will act as a catalyst for nonphysical perceptions, allowing:

  • A closer interaction and connection with nonphysical helpers
  • An enhanced energetic defense, which facilitates better relaxation and predisposition towards a lucid projections
  • Increased awareness of the non-physical dimension
  • An optimization of the energy body through the looseness of our bioenergies
Nanci Trivellato

Nanci Trivellato MSc., is a consciousness researcher and an instructor with the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC). She is a charter member of the IAC and has been dedicated to developing consciousness science for over 25 years. Trivellato is the founder of the Journal of Conscientiology and was its editor-in-chief for 15 years.

Wagner Alegretti

Wagner Alegretti is an electrical engineer. He served as president of IAC from 2001 to 2014 and is currently one of its most senior researchers and faculty. In 1984, he started working on the development of bioenergy transducers. His pursuit for a reliable means of biofield detection led to his ongoing research employing functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

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Registration fees include 2 nights of accommodation, meals, and all activities during the workshop.

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