Platinum Sponsorship Opportunity

$6,000.00 Commitment

Benefit of Commitment Description of Benefit
Passes A Platinum sponsor will receive up to four complimentary attendee passes and up to six 50% discount registration.
Website Your organization will have one page on the Congress website. Your Organization’s logo and link will be featured on the sponsors page of the Congress website from the time a sponsorship agreement is made.
There is a fourteen-month lead time to the Congress, in which you are entitled to promote your company as a Platinum sponsor of the Congress.
Promotional Material As a Platinum sponsor, your company’s name and logo will be featured (within productions schedule) in the program, proceedings, congress website, youtube promotional videos, a display board in the congress registration area, promotional emails and any other pre-congress promotional material. Platinum sponsors will appear in the 1st line of sponsors.
As a Platinum sponsor you have the opportunity to include your company’s brochure and gift in the attendee package distributed to participants upon their check-in.
Program, Proceedings, Pocket Folder, and Banner As a Platinum sponsor your company logo will appear on the sponsor page of the Congress program, proceedings, pocket folder, and banner. Platinum sponsors will appear in the 1st line of sponsors.
Acknowledgements As a Platinum sponsor your organization will be thanked in the proceedings, as well as in the Congress opening and closing ceremonies.
Projection backdrop As a Platinum sponsor your company logo will appear on the default projection backdrop in the Congress hall. This backdrop will be used during general announcements, in between sessions and at all other times during the program when the projector is not in use by presenters. Platinum sponsors’ logos will be featured during morning announcements, lunch and afternoon coffee-breaks.
Coffee break + Napkins and Raffle Platinum sponsors have the option to sponsor one coffee break. Option to provide branded refreshment napkins (with your logo) for coffee break and conduct a raffle.
Presenter’s Dinner Recognition as the Presenters welcoming Dinner sponsor, on the evening of May 19th, 2017. Your Company will receive 4 complimentary Dinner Passes.
Badges, Lanyards, and Tote bag Only the Platinum sponsors will have their logos printed on the Congress badges, lanyards and Tote bag.
Table As a Platinum sponsor you may have a table in the exhibition area of the congress where your company can exhibit or demonstrate products if appropriate.

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