Submitting Papers

Researchers are invited to submit their papers via e-mail to the Congress Committee at


Submission deadline for abstracts or papers: August 1st, 2016.

Deadline to provide final, complete papers: February 1st, 2017.

Researchers are invited to submit their papers via e-mail directly to the Congress Committee at The deadline for submitting a work to be presented during the 2nd ICC is 1st of August, 2016. It is acceptable to submit a summary of your work; however, we advise that you make it long enough to explain your research and its results or the ideas you intend to present, placing emphasis on the original aspects that your paper will bring forward. Abstracts can be as long as 2,000 words.

Authors who submit abstracts should be aware that the scientific committee must receive the complete paper by 1st February 2017.

As the ICC’s scientific committee pays special attention to the level of novelty of the work, we suggest that your submission is not an equal piece to one you have already presented somewhere else or published in any form, including electronic form (i.e., made it available online).

We strongly encourage submission of papers in English; however, papers in Spanish and Portuguese can also be accepted.

Selected Papers

Authors of selected papers will be invited to present their work either via oral presentation (speaker) or via poster presentation (exhibitor). When submitting, please aware of the following:

• Speakers will be assigned slots as keynote, presentation or compact presentation..

• Poster presenters will each be assigned a location or booth to exhibit their posters, hence promoting their interaction with the audience and proper presentation of their research work. Exhibitors will receive detailed instructions on how to format and prepare their posters for display. Authors who do not want to be considered for poster exhibition should state so when submitting their papers.

• Registration will be free for speakers and 50% of the total cost for poster presenters.

• The final version of the paper, prepared for publication according to the Journal of Consciousness (JofC) stylistic rules, must be received no later than 1st February 2017. This applies to all papers selected, regardless of whether they are to be presented as a talk or a poster, since the proceedings of the event will include presentations in all modalities.

• Detailed description of the style rules for papers can be found at the section “For Authors” on

Non-selected Papers

Note: papers within the scope of the congress that are not selected for this event will be considered for publication in the Journal of Consciousness, if the author accepts so.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Applicability / Usefulness (weight 3)
  • Audience’s interest on the theme (weight 3)
  • Balance of time vs content (weight 3)
  • Depth (weight 5)
  • Interdisciplinarity (weight 3)
  • Language – orthography and grammar (weight 2)
  • Logical organization of ideas (weight 4)
  • Multidimensionality (weight 3)
  • Neutrality / Unbias (weight 4)
  • Originality (weight 5)
  • Scientificity (weight 5)
  • Speaker’s communicability / flow (when known/applicable – weight 3)

Ready to submit papers?

All paper submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on applicability / usefulness, originality, technical and/or research content/depth, relevance to Congress audience, interdisciplinarity, organization of ideas, multidimensionality, neutrality, readability/grammar and balance of time vs content. Authors are invited to submit full (and original research) papers in electronic (DOC or PDF) format.