At a Glance

Day 1
May 19 2017

Opening Ceremony

Analaura Trivellato

In Search of the Psychosoma

There are two points of view about out-of-body experiences. On the one hand are those who have lived the phenomenon directly and affirm that the consciousness is separated from the physical body, to establish a more subtle body called psychosoma. On the other hand are those who affirm that these experiences are only hallucinations and...
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Carlos Bernal

A Unified Theory of Contact with Non-Human Intelligence

This study, conducted by the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE), represents the first comprehensive multi-language investigation on individuals who have reported to have had unidentified flying object (UFO) related contact experiences with non-human intelligence (NHI). Our research methodology utilized two comprehensive quantitative surveys totaling more than 600 questions administered in...
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Reinerio (Rey) Hernandez

Mind Body and Quantum Mechanics

This presentation will discuss the following: 1) The causal closure of classical physics implies that consciousness in a classical physics brain can at best be epiphenomenal. 2) Quantum mechanics can break the causal closure of classical physics in two ways: measurement and a newly discovered Poised Realm. 3)  Kauffman suggests a new interpretation of non...
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Stuart Kauffman
12:20 pm - 2:20 pm


A Study on the Benefits of OBE Development and Practice

What benefits do OBE practioners experience above the general population?Does assistantial/altruistic motivation, general overall health, or deeper understanding of spiritual growth improve with this phenomena, and how much? Do benefits increase as people become long-term practitioners or OBEs vs. short-term practitioners? This presentation seeks to create a bridge between overwhelmingly subjective accounts on out-of-body experiences...
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Luis Minero

Biophoton Emission from Subjects In Energy Healing and Altered States of Consciousness

The ultraweak light known as “biophotons” emitted from organisms may convey information central to life. To explore this, we designed and built a custom photon counting detector system with a walk-in dark closet that can sit 3 persons comfortably.   This system measures the light emitted from humans and other organisms either alone or during human...
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Beverly Rubik
Harry Jabs

Poster Presenters

Ashley Melidosian
Nick Kartvelishvili
Nelson Abreu & Joel Tortolero
Nelson Abreu
Hooshmand M. Kalayeh
Archit Goel
Analaura Trivellato
Thomas D. Abraham
Beverly Rubik
Harry Jabs
4:45 pm - 5:35 pm

Coffee Break – Poster Session I

On the Locality of Consciousness

Evidence from numerous “death-related anomalous experiences” (DR-AEs), such as near-death experiences, after-death communications, reincarnation cases and mediumship experiences, strongly suggests that consciousness is fundamentally nonphysical. Based on this evidence, a number of researchers, including cardiologist Pim van Lommel and anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff, hold that consciousness is “nonlocal” in character. In this view, consciousness exists outside...
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Kenny Arnette, Robert Mays, Suzanne Mays

Emotional Sentience & the Nature of Consciousness

When examining phenomenal experience through the lens of physics, several conundrums emerge: Specificity of mind-body interactions, feelings of free will in a deterministic universe, and the relativity of subjective perception. The new biology of “emotion” can shed direct light upon these issues. It suggests that all organisms are endowed with an ancient “emotional sentience”, informative...
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Katherine Peil
8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Congress Dinner Party

Day 2
May 20 2017

Therapeutic and Evolutionary Implications of Retrocognitions

DAY 2 Saturday May 20th 9:00am – 9:35am Therapeutic and Evolutionary Implications of Retrocognitions The emergence of a new, consciousness-based paradigm allows for the academic study of past life phenomena. However, when is an exploration into personal past lives therapeutically indicated? If it is, what benefits can be expected in terms of healing and personal...
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Viktória G. Duda

How to Talk About Subjectivity

Our discussions about subjectivity are ambiguous, because we use nouns to refer to what is essentially activity or process and we try to use public language to talk about what is essentially private. This talk will propose a better terminology. It will give an operational definition of the term “subjectivity,” and then recommend usages of...
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Bill Meacham

Implications of Many Worlds Theory for our idea of human personality structure and disorders

Multiverse theories have many implications for our ideas about consciousness, the paranormal, and psychological disorders. Resent multiverse theories suggest that there are weak interactions between parallel realities and that “bleed through” may occur between them. This might explain various phenomena that heretofore have resisted an explanation such as Multiple Personality Disorder. This talk specifically looks...
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Simeon Hein

Multiplex Realism

When studying the strange behavior of quantum and relativistic entities, we must surrender to the evidence that our three-dimensional Euclidean space, or four-dimensional pseudo-Euclidean spacetime, are just temporary crystallizations of theaters for reality, where the macroscopic material and energetic entities can take ‘a place’ and meet with each other. According to the view of multiplex...
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Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi
11:45 am - 1:50 pm


Whose Truth Is It Anyway? Social and Philosophical Perspectives on Scientific Disagreement

As an enterprise based in reason and objectivity, scientific inquiry should be humanity’s greatest engine of consensus. And while science has yielded insights which are now common to much of humanity, disagreement still frequently occurs between scientists and scientific groups. This presentation will discuss why these disagreements arise, considering factors from both philosophy of science...
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David Collura

The Fundamental Nature of Reality

This presentation will describe the CIP Framework, a new conceptual model about the nature of reality with surprising explanatory power. In this framework, ontology belongs to Energy, the self-aware “substance” out of which everything that exists is made. Energy has two irreducible aspects: a symbolic and a semantic aspect. Extra-physical and physical universes emerge from...
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Federico Faggin

Quantum Mechanics, Wholism, and Psi

We might make progress toward solving the measurement problem within quantum mechanics through inspection of metaphysical or underlying assumptions.  Bohm’s implicate order merits consideration for understanding the paradoxes of quantum mechanics.  However most physicists resist this because of several unpalatable features it possesses. Chiefly among these are the the way it treats consciousness as fundamental...
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George Williams
4:00 pm - 4:40 pm

Coffee Break – Poster Session II

Bioenergy detection via proton spectroscopy NMR

Alegretti shares new findings and results of his ongoing research pursuing means to detect and measure bioenergy (biofield, subtle energy, prana, chi, life force) via nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). New series of experiments have been conducted with eggs and samples of collagen, this time using one of the NMR variants — proton spectroscopy. The encouraging results...
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Wagner Alegretti
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Day 3
May 21 2017

Self-Expansiveness for Exploring the Outer Boundaries of Consciousness:

Self-expansiveness is a construct referring to how a person can identify with aspects of the world not usually seen in the West as part of the ordinary self, and this construct is accompanied by a scientifically well-validated measure, the Self-Expansiveness Level Form (SELF), which has been used in considerable empirical research. In particular, the SELF’s...
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Harris Friedman

A Mind-Object Identity Theory

So far, mind-body identity theories and neurosciences have failed empirically. To the best of our understanding, neural activity and consciousness does not match. Is there any alternative physical entity? I suggest there is, only it is not one’s body or any property of it – it is the external object. The proposal is straightforward –...
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Riccardo Manzotti

Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience

Non-symbolic experiences have been reported for millennia and are generally attributed to spiritual and religious contexts, although atheists and agnostics also report them. Popular terms for them include: nondual awareness, enlightenment, mystical experiences, peak experiences, transcendental experience, the peace that passeth understanding, unity consciousness, union with God, and so forth. This presentation will provide an...
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Jeffery A. Martin

Children’s Psi Experiences: an analysis of parapsychic phenomena experienced by children and how they are affected

Cases of children describing events they could not know or behaving as if they were perceiving a reality subtler than our ordinary material world often puzzle parents. In some instances, such experiences take a toll on the child who feels fear and/or insecurity. The in-depth interviewing that has been carried out to investigate these cases...
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Nanci Trivellato
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Near-death Experience and Non-local Consciousness

According to our current medical concepts, it is not possible to experience consciousness during a cardiac arrest, when circulation and breathing have ceased. But during the period of unconsciousness due to a life-threatening crisis like cardiac arrest patients may report the paradoxical occurrence of enhanced consciousness experienced in a dimension without our conventional concept of...
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Pim van Lommel

Children’s Reports of Past-Life Memories

Researchers at the University of Virginia, beginning with Ian Stevenson, have investigated children’s reports of memories of previous lives for the past fifty years, studying more than 2,500 cases from around the world. Common features in the cases include a child talking about a past life at a very early age, behaviors that appear connected...
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Jim Tucker
4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Coffee Break

Closing Ceremony

Analaura Trivellato